Hello Every Body Welcome  to New Year 2018!  All my readers happy new year, happiness, new dreams, new attitudes and new one new unity and new promises.

Often when any event or any important festival comes, friends start sending happy messages & Greetings. Actually that is the proof of his faith and love with you. We appreciates this spirit and prays well to the island.

Expressions of joy and good expectations for the new year’s arrival is a natural reaction. We would rather have some expectations and pray for it to pass. On the new year’s arrival we have a semi-romantic, romance rhyme, messages, SMS & Happy new Year Images HD wallpapers many others stuff on This Portal. in the boyhood. We will try our best to bring a smile on your face by sharing a good poerty, Images & Fun as well. So let start with poetry.

New Year’s arrival is celebrated in a variety of different and strange way in different countries of the world. We alwas hope that the coming year will be full with happiness & peaceful, successful in our life. We promise to remove previous year mistakes, remedies and disappointments. The coming year could be the opposite of it. So that’s why different countries celebrate happy new year in their own fashion to avoid the tragedies and frustration of the past year.

New Year in continental Asia is celebrate in two ways. First method traditional way as per according to the regional calendar, it is celebrated as an ancient festivals. The second method is according to the Gregorian calendar. In many countries of Asia, both methods are adopted to say welcome to new year. That is, one in his own fashion and second way is with the whole world.

The fireworks on Happy New year 2018 in Singapore, Hong Kong & Dubai is very famous in all the world. The thousands of people from many countries of the world only come to these new year celebration places to just see only the fireworks and rainy rays of sky-colored lights.

In Hong Kong the Victoria Harbor (which is compared to the Times of New York Times Square), is the reputated place in the world. Similarly burj khalifa building in Dubai is also look like a Bridle on the new year occasion.

Happy New Year 2018 Celebration in China 

On the New Year Festival in China is attributed to different animals according to Chinese knowledge figures, such as snakes, dogs, pigs, pigs, and nuts, etc.

Happy New Year 2018 Celebration Thailand 

The New Year year festival in Thailand is called congress. On the arrival of the new year, the residents of the Thailand are throw water on each other. Its aim of throwing water on others is way of express good wishes for the new year and wash the years of failures and mistakes.

On the new year occasion,almost all the countries make special dishes to eat. These Dishes is spcieal one & only reay on new year event. For example in chain a special dish of long long noodles name Jiao.zi is is ready in homes. it is specially ready and invited to people to eat this dish. These are free eating dishes on new year festival & even not have to spend money for that. This dish made from noodles, which is made by sharing the other thing. She is the next year’s co-ordinance, as if it is made with eggs, it belongs to poultry and related work, or if noodles are made with fashions, it is paired with travel and property.

A special new year dish made with Noodles in Japan called Toshi Koshi Soba and it is manufactured several days before happy new year day. While making Toshi Koshi Soba dish making sure that dishes are cooking right & that noodles not break and burn. If so, Japanese consider the coming year’s unfortunately is year of disappointments. Similarly many other countries in the world celebrate this festival is really surprising manners.

Happy New Year 2018 celebration in South africa:

The specifoc city residents of South Africa, a city celebrate happy new year a in a unique manner. For this, they throw all the goods out of the window that they are using like TV, LCDin the midnight of 30 and 31 december before 12 oclock. Accroding to their faith if we waste the old year goods then all the breaks liminate and it has a good impact on the new year’s arrival.

Happy New Year 2018 Celebration in Colombia:

Those people in Colombia who want to travel abroad or visit tourists are waiting for a Happy new year in Colombia arrival, and on December 27, they take long walk on a block-made floor with a blank suite case. By doing so, these goals are that the journey that they are going to visit on the new year will prove to be their lucky fortune.

Happy New Year Celebration 2018 Japan:

In The Happy new year celebration in Japan look like a china, the new year is attributed to some animal. Japanese wears the similar shape mask of animal for which they are think. Like according to Japanese knowledge figures 2014 is the year of horse so in Japan, people will wear horse-made masks. After wearing they gather and go to temples or churches in their own area and ring 108 bells. The think that if sound of these bells will be so correlate then the coming year will be as lucky.

Denmark Happy New Year 2018 Celebrations

People in Denmark invite their relatives and friends before specially new year’s arrival. In this invitation the do color dance and throw the specially designed plates and glasses on each other at the end of the dance.

Apart from this, Danish residents celebrate an ancient festival of new year’s adventures. For this happy new year festivals celebration, friends and relatives gather at the pre decided family place for a family-friendly meeting. On the night of 31 December before 5 mint of being 12AM, all those people stand by holding one another hands on the chairs. As the clock triggers twelve 12 Figure all of these people jump from the chairs together. The purpose of doing this is to push back the unfortunate and to welcome the new fortune of the new year.

Happy New Year 2018 Spain Celebrations:

Spain peoples also have different faith to welcome happy new year and they eat 12 grapes togahter right before the 1 second of the new year. They have faith if some one eat the 12 grapes together in a second before arrival of New Year then twelve month of the next coming year will be lucky for that.

Finland Happy New Year 2018 Celebrations:

Finland residents celebrate the new year with their traditional religious style & fashion. To find out how will the coming year be? they check by a strange method. A melted tin is dip to a special type of chemical containing a special type of chemical, and immediately put out from chemical and see the which shape is adopt by tin. If tin look like a animal then it’s man new coming year is the year of making money. Similarly, if shape looks like a boat or plane, it is called year for tourists. If it shape similar to human heart then people try to marry with fancy in this year.

Panama Happy New Year 2018 Celebrations:

Here, many days before the arrival of the New Year, people make statues of well-known people in coutry and installed on important places like hotels, restaurants, major buildings and highways. Its purpose is that the coming year brings happiness, wealth, reputation and respect to the same person as the people whose statues are created.

Philippines Happy New Year 2018 Celebrations:

In Philippines new year is associate with special shape circle. Therefore, on the occasion of the New Year arrival there are twelve types of different fruits are cut down in the shape of circle before it is about 12 o’clock on the night, and eat little bit of every fruit before the start of the new year. The Philippines people imagine it will cause bring luck in their life’s for the next coming year. Also it is also wear’s special clothes of Polka Dot on the 30 & 31 December.

Bella Ross Happy New Year celebrations Girls Playing Game:  Here on the happy new year event unique game is played and here on the last 2 days of December all the unmarried girls in family are gather in 1 house and enclosed them in a row in spread many fluffy (corn gram flour) are spread out in the front of girls. If any girl collect the more grams, then it is understood that this girl will get married at the beginning of the new year.

South America Happy New Year Celebrations 2018

In the Middle East and South America regions such as Brazil, Venezuela, and Bolivia etc., people wear Nike or shorts specially designed for the happy new year event in south america. Before the new year started these types of addresses are available in market and shopping centers.These shorts are made of two colors red and yellow, in which red color is considered a symbol of love and yellow color.

Estonia Happy New year 2018 Eatean Food Celebration:

Here was a tradition of celebrating a new year in different manner but now traditions bit changed. The first day of the year many food bring in homes and eaten as well. because in this country, according to a tradition if any body eat seven time then whole year will bring wealth, reputation, work, happiness, comfort, marriage, and happiness.